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11 January 2017 @ 08:24 pm
Vidding Process Terms List  
I'm working on some projects and I realized I didn't have a good understanding on what parts there are to the vidding process. Obviously every vidder has their own process, but I wanted to try and put a list together with all the different aspects. I asked on twitter last night and got a lot of great answers and wanted to ask here as well. Please let me know if there are possible aspects of vidding to add or elaborate on.

Vidding Process Terms (incomplete and perhaps needs reordered)
*With thanks to anoel, cherry, par, shati, sol_se, ghost_lingering, grammarwoman, frayadjacent, sasha_feather, amnisias, anyone I am forgetting*

Ideation and concept formation
Rewatching source
Planning (storyboarding, outlining, notetaking, in timeline notes, song lyric notes, etc.)
Researching (googling, listening to podcasts, reading meta/analysis, etc.)
Converting files
Audio (finding and/or listening)
Editing (and creating)
Socializing and/or seeking validation
Technical tinkering
Rendering or exporting
Formatting release (writing posts, adding links, subtitling, and/or writing meta, etc.)
Posting and crossposting (as well as editing everything to link together and replying to comments)

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