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27 December 2016 @ 12:26 am
End of Year Vidding Meme 2016  
Festivids - Colors (Mr. Robot) - this is all bullshit
Festivids - It Follows in Five Pieces (It Follows) -
Festivids - This Must Be The Place (Fear the Walking Dead) - POV of Madison Clark
Festivids - Sweater Weather (House of the Devil) - *pizza emoji*
WisCon_VidParty - Toxic (The Witch) - live deliciously
Vividcon Club Vivid - Laughing in the Sugarbowl (Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation) - No allies in state craft, only common interests. We only think we're fighting for the right side because that's what we choose to believe.
Vividcon Premieres - Cool for the Summer (Spy (2015)) - Susan Cooper is the secret agent super spy that's gonna cut your dick off and glue it to your forehead so you look like a limp dick unicorn.
Vividcon Challenge - Going Down (multifandom) - Who doesn't love costume dramas?
Vividcon Challenge - Fast As You Can (Lost) - Chronological character study about what makes Kate Austen stop running and sink in.
a YouTube Test Your Skills - Vagina Monsters (Gold) [tys] (multifandom) - Vaginally inspired monsters.

Total of 10 vids with 3 of those being under 2 minute vidlets.

My favorite video this year (of my own)
Wow, actually a difficult question this year as I really liked a couple of the ones I made this year. I'm quite pleased overall. I think I have to go with Fast As You Can because it's a vid that I've had simmering on my back burner for a long time. Kate fascinated me as a character because she had story lines that were traditionally given to male characters. And she killed her father. I instantly love any woman with the ability to murder their awful father. I had wanted to do a character study for Kate for ages, but I knew there would be so much source to comb through before I could properly do it and after the show ended I didn't have the energy to put into it. I watched the Chronological Lost edit and so strongly felt for Kate. I remember how much fandom in general hated Kate and watching her story line from childhood to all the different resolution points was amazing. If you watched Lost as it aired, I deeply recommend watching the chronological edit. With a lot of the mystery of the island explained from the jump because the edit starts with the answers, I was more involved with the characters, especially because the structure spanned their whole lives. Watching the character being born, going through their life, ending up on the plane, then the island, going through all the island dramas, getting off the island, trying to move on afterward, then going back, trying to leave again, then the resolution created in the sideways universe, and the actual ending was great and made me love a lot of characters more than the first time. The chronological order helped make the tail section of the plane and all the late series cast additions seem way more integrated than they did originally. If you didn't like Ana Lucia, John Locke, Kate Austen, or Juilet Burke the first time, then try it. If you you liked them before, you'll love them even more. That being said, I hated Jack even more. Ok, I know this is a vidding meme, but I really want to sell more people on watching Chronological Lost edits.

Least favorite
This Must Be The Place because I have a difficult time with my festivids assignments. I had technical issues and I also worried that I wasn't fulfilling the prompt as well as I should have. And I did the thing where the beginning is really boring and no one keeps watching. When I rewatched it I still enjoyed it because I love Madison and seeing how the other characters see her. I would say it's my least favorite even though I really liked making a vid of a zombie show without a lot of zombies. And I still really love how I used the soldier's boots walking to transition into Daniel walking in the kitchen before that soldier is who he was when he was younger and is on the same path so to speak.

Most successful
I think It Follows in Five Pieces was my most successful in terms of my brain to vid form and of people's enjoyment. I had a lofty idea in my head and I'm very glad the recipient and others seemed to get what I was trying. I made a lot of weird vids and I'm very proud of this one.

Video most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion
I suppose Laughing in the Sugarbowl because I don't recall anyone commenting on the post or saying anything in person at vividcon about it. That doesn't mean it wasn't appreciated though. I appreciated the process of making and trying to understand motion and editing action in a meaningful and transformative way. Also, everyone should appreciate Ilsa with that giant weapon between her legs in that amazing yellow dress.

Video with single sexiest moment
I was going to say Ilsa with the giant rifle between her legs, but I think I have to say Going Down for all the cunnilingus. The single sexiest moment of that vid would have to be 1:14-1:16 when Jamie yanks Claire down the bed, cut to Claire's O face, then into Carol's head between Therese's legs. For me personally, I love the opening clip of the vid with Eva Green with a sheet around her waist in the darkened doorway with long black evening gloves making her look like a work of art. DAS HOT.

Biggest vid fail
Vagina Monsters (Gold) [tys] because I don't know how to change audio pitch. I made the vid for a test your skills challenge on YouTube, which was the first one I ever entered. YouTube muted the audio and the YouTuber putting the challenge asked me to change the audio pitch so it wouldn't be muted on YouTube, but I didn't know how to do it and didn't have the ability to figure it out before the deadline. My style is different than the YouTube style, which I knew going in. I wanted to try something new.

Hardest video to make
Cool for the Summer because I'm not good at making comedy vids. I love Paul Feig's movies, but I think he's a bit bland when it comes to making visually interesting movies and using all the visuals to heighten the comedic payoff. I also had messed up audio because at the time I didn't know how to get the surround sound rips to isolate the audio tracks of what I wanted and get rid of the other audio tracks. Again, I had fun making it, so I'm not bothered.

Most unintentionally *telling* video
This one was difficult because I think most of my vids this year were intentionally telling, but Colors was one that I tried to make sincerely, but ending up almost sarcastically making. I hate so much about what Mr. Robot is perceived to be, much like Fight Club and V for Vendetta. Fight Club was calling out toxic masculinity, but was taken by straight dudebros on the surface because they didn't understand that male emotions are so repressed that they would rather fight each other than sleep with each other because that's seen as too feminine. Tyler doesn't work out his own shit. He just puts it all on society because he's a whiny ass white boy and the narrator realized it at the end, but I think most of the audience did not get it. And I don't think the movie or even the book went far enough in condemning Tyler and his bullshit, which means instead of being a satire it just adds to the voices spouting the bullshit. For Mr. Robot, Elliot and so much of his deal was full of shit. I half love and half hate Mr. Robot, which are both strong emotions.

Things I've learned
I've learned a lot more about working with 1080p. I don't think my exporting and rendering are the best they could be, but I learned easier and better ways. I've been watching loads of film and television analysis videos on YouTube and learning loads of things that I can apply to vidding.

Last year I had a less productive vidding year than usual and I began researching inspiration and motivation in terms of vidding. I learned a lot creativity that was very useful for vid making productivity. Reading and researching helped me so, so, so much. I feel like I learned to take even more creative risks this year.

I also learned that I need to hand write my source notes. They stick with me more when I write them out by hand and then when I need to look through to find something rereading everything makes me more familiar with the rest of it. It would be easier to type my notes, but it doesn't help me as much as writing them in a journal. And it's a bonus that I really flipping love journals and notebooks and pens and shit.

Things to work on
I'll keep trying to work out better ways to render high quality vids. And I think I'll always continue with "I want to try vidding female characters that do more than beat people up and make things explode while being pretty" from previous years. It's evolved over time into hating the term "strong female character" because of the way people use it, but whatever. Well-rounded and interesting female characters are my jam.

Vid projects I definitely want to get finished this upcoming year
I want to do vids for Vividcon, wison_vidparty, and festivids again. I might make one for tgifemslash too.

I want to try out more vid collaborations too. I'm in an ongoing one now and I've enjoyed it, so I'd like to it out again. I started up one, but real life got in the way for my collaborator, but maybe it will still work out.

Resolutions for 2017
From last year's meme, I did end up going to vividcon again, VJ-ed a vidshow, curated a playlist wiscon_vidparty, let go of a ton of works in progress thanks to a vividcon panel on letting go of works in progress, and made more vid recs than the previous years. So check on last year's resolutions. Time to think about next year...

I vid for fun all the time, so maybe it would be interesting to not vid for fun, but power through something I don't enjoy? I think I want to make a vid that would take a lot of time and effort that I might not enjoy making, but want to make. I started a vid for The X-Files watching along with a podcast rewatch, but the podcast has went on a prolonged hiatus and the guy was on the other side of the fandom entitlement drama and annoyed me. I stalled out on the vid partly because the revival didn't live up to my expectations. Maybe in time I'll be able to come back to it much later, but I like the idea of working hard on something for a multiple season classic, retro source of my heart. I've started a Xena rewatch and I already have a vid idea and found a song, so that might end up being the vid that takes more work than fun.

I still want to attend Vividcon, job schedule willing. I'd love to suggest another show I'd VJ too. I really love making them. I want to make a playlist for wiscon_vidparty too. I made a Halsey Playlist and (Free Kesha!)'s Murderous Women! Playlist and I have a couple of ideas that are brewing in my brain for wiscon_vidparty, but each idea is incomplete, missing a vid to bridge the structure. There's plenty of time, so I'm sure I'll find what I need or find a way to get someone to make the vids for me. For vividcon, I have a couple of ideas and I'll have to wait and see what floats to the top as an idea to suggest.

And in addition:
If there is any question you would like to ask me about any one of my vids, then go ahead! What I meant by a particular clip or sequence, why I chose to highlight that characterization, why I chose that song, what crack I was taking and where you can get some...anything. Anything you might like to know about how I made a vid, I shall do my best to answer.
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daria234daria234 on December 27th, 2016 07:01 am (UTC)
Thank you again for all your amazing vids!

Going Down wins the hottest vid I saw overall I think :) from anyone. Vagina Monsters was such an interesting piece.
kiki_miserychickiki_miserychic on January 1st, 2017 09:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I love trying to make sexy vids, so I'm super glad it works. :)

HAahha, Vagina Monsters was fun as heck.
Anoel: vidding fandomanoel on December 31st, 2016 04:05 am (UTC)
I just want to say that I LOVE Laughing in the Sugarbowl and it's one of my favorite vids from CVV this year. The cutting in it is AMAZING and mesmerizing and I've never seen the movie (um any of them actually I knooow) but it made me want to because she looks SO AWESOME. I super love to dance to it and I appreciate it LOTS.

I've been watching loads of film and television analysis videos on YouTube and learning loads of things that I can apply to vidding.

Last year I had a less productive vidding year than usual and I began researching inspiration and motivation in terms of vidding. I learned a lot creativity that was very useful for vid making productivity. Reading and researching helped me so, so, so much. I feel like I learned to take even more creative risks this year.

Any chance you can share some of the analysis YT vids and inspiration/motivation resources/advice that you learned? Both are things I want to improve in for sure.

Anyways, I really loved reading this and someday when I have more time, I may come back and try to respond with a question.
kiki_miserychickiki_miserychic on January 1st, 2017 09:29 pm (UTC)
You're so sweet. Thank you. I think you would like Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation at least. Maybe not all of them, but Ilsa is amazing. I like the whole series, but I'm strange that way. I hate T. Cruise, but he's in some well made movies dammit.

The best list is one lim started and people have been contributing on a YouTube Playlist.

For the inspo and motivation, is there something in particular you're looking for? I have kinda a lot. I was actually thinking about making a post or turning it into a suggested panel for VVC, but IDK. There's kinda a lot.
Anoel: vidding fandomanoel on January 16th, 2017 12:08 am (UTC)
I'm going to see the first one at some point, it'd on my hard drive, I just need to find the right time. But I do plan to watch Rogue Nation, at least the Ilsa parts. I can stand Tom Cruise better in his early movies because he's prettier ;)

Ooh thanks for the link! I would literally love ANYTHING you have about inspiration and motivation but especially focusing on staying productive on making lots of things and idk, what categories of stuff do you have? Maybe just start with what's been most helpful for you? I hope you make that post or do a panel!
(Anonymous) on August 18th, 2017 06:07 am (UTC)
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