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07 September 2016 @ 09:22 pm
Vividcon 2016 Recs Part 1  
Welcome to Vividcon
Killa's These Two Arms (Xena: The Warrior Princess) - There's a special place in my heart for fix-it vids and this is an excellent example of what vids can do. The relationship is so beautifully considered and their dynamic is displayed so well. It's making me want to go back and watch the series again. I'd watched this vid at home for a project, but seeing it on a large screen with an audience was amazing. The pacing and dissolves kill me.
here's luck's New Frontier (Firefly: Serenity) - I remember watching this vid ten years ago and I still dig it. Still love that "volunteer" moment that sets up Mal so quickly and that gun raise on "hey."

ghost lingering's Children of the Revolution (Persepolis) - I think this captures the fierce heart of the movie and the character.
elipie's Spirits (Gotham) - I'm going to have to start watching this dumpster fire again because it looks like it's embraced it's wackiness more in a fun way. I like how the vid teeters on the edge. It takes what the show is silly and campy about and looks at it more seriously.
Franzeska's Byzantium (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) - I had a blast watching this. Great song and great visual parallel use with witty lyrical interpretations.

Wish You Were Here
Llin's Touch the Sky (multifandom) - This fills my heart with joy.
AurumCalendula's Ain't No Grave (redux) (Person of Interest) - Excellent character study of Shaw with a song choice I was really sold on with the great lyrical interpretations, like "promised land" and good use of visual parallels, like panning over from Shaw shooting someone.
frayadjacent's Freedom (Underground) - Fuck. Yes. Beautiful set up of the characters and I really love how the quieter bits within the song were edited too. Excellent vid for an amazing show.
kaydeefalls's Wildest Dreams (multifandom) - Wow, amazing concept and really expertly put together. The establishing sources are used well and others are brought in at just the right point in the vid.
sanguinity's Something Good (Will Come From That) (all the Sherlock Holmes adaptations) - Sweet vid with neat visual connections that makes it's own adaptation.
eruthros and thingswithwings's Dance Apocalyptic (multifandom) - Sheer joy and love for this vid, especially the fantastic range and detailed bits pulled from so many sources.