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05 January 2016 @ 06:45 pm
Vidding Meme 2015  
Festivids - Black Widow (Practical Magic) - You should've known better than to mess with me, honey.
Festivids - Love is Blue (Life After Beth) - Boy and girl fall in love. Girl dies. What now?
Vividcon Premiere - Cut Like A Buffalo (Empire) - COOKIE.
Vividcon Challenge - Sour Cherry (The Losers) - They're fun criminals!

Total of 4 vids. The least amount of vids I've released online since I started vidding. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I started a lot of vids I didn't finish and I preferred naps & Netflix over vidding this year.

My favorite video this year (of my own)
No contest, Cut Like A Buffalo because of COOKIE. I loved planning it out, I loved editing it, everything.

Least favorite
I guess Sour Cherry only by process of elimination. I had a lot of fun making it though because I put an old abandoned vid on my timeline, copy & pasted in bits, and filled it in with text. It's only my least favorite because I like the other ones more. I'm quite proud that I thought to submit a vid that isn't really a vid at all. Like, be jealous that I thought of putting forth the least amount of effort for the most amount of return. People in the vidshow laughed way more than I thought they would. I was worried the text would be too slow, but I knew I had to account for the con setting.

Most successful
I would have to say Cut Like A Buffalo because it worked for people the way I wanted it to work. I thought the people that already love Cookie would get to see her being awesome and the people that don't know her would be interested in watching the show. I'm also pleased that no one mentioned the massive amount of reframing I did. I changed the frame on practically every clip of Cookie to make her the center focus of the frame and changed the frame to edit out men's faces and push them to the edge of the frame. So very successful for me that it's for the most part invisible to a viewer.

Video most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion
I guess Love is Blue because it's a weird little vid where a guy tries to have sex with his dead girlfriend's scarf, then she's is a zombie that has her sexual coming of age postmortem.

Video with single sexiest moment
Hmmm, I want to say the Anika and Cookie section of Cut Like A Buffalo because I cannot vid female rivarly without it becoming femslash. It's not possible. I'm not complaining though. I love it that way, but I have to say it's the section in Cut Like A Buffalo from 2:10-2:32 because it's Cookie seeing what she wants, getting it, and moving on from it. She's the one leaning in to kiss that hotass younger man, she's the one spreading her legs open, she's the one undressing him, she's the one throwing her arms out, and she's the one on top. I also think the section with Lucious is sexy too, but that relationship has too much history and issues for me to find it the sexiest part.

Biggest vid fail
I suppose there's parts of Love is Blue that I don't love. I made it to have fun and in hindsight it could be better.

Hardest video to make
Black Widow because I was plagued with technical difficulties and I was worried the recipient wouldn't like it. It filled the request, but I needed the journey in order to get to heart of vid and their sisterhood.

Most unintentionally *telling* video
Black Widow because there was a span of time where I wanted to be a witch in the 90s and so much of my fashion was inspired by that.

Things I've learned
nOtHiNg. I never learn anything, lol. I learned some new programs and ways to convert files. Learned some new journal techniques to use for vidding notes.

Things to work on
I want to keep working on exporting properly. I'm certainly better at ending up with a high quality file than I once was.

I'm continuing from previous years with "I want to try vidding female characters that do more than beat people up and make things explode while being pretty."

From last year, I still haven't made a vid where I intentionally vid for an audience, so I'll have to do that this year because I keep putting it off. Wait, I actually did vid for an audience when I made Sour Cherry. So I'll change it. I try to think about what would play well at wiscon_vidparty, but I feel like I make vids I think will work, but probably don't actually work for the audience. It's partly due to never having attended, lol.

Vid projects I definitely want to get finished this upcoming year
Finishing any vid and releasing it online is an accomplishment at this point. I want to do at least one vid for Vividcon and one for wison_vidparty.

Resolutions for 2016
I want to go to Vividcon again this year, job timeline willing. I'll suggest a vidshow I'd VJ. I'm also planning to curate a playlist for wiscon_vidparty like usual.

I have lots of works in progress in various stages of completion. Part of my lower than usual number of released vids this year is that I started a lot of vids that I haven't finished. This year I want to try something new where I write down an idea when it strikes me and have to sit on it for a while before I actually start to vid it. That might decrease the number of vids I start and then abandon when something else shiny pops into my mind.

I want to rec more vids. I do it a lot of twitter and want to do it more.

And in addition:
If there is any question you would like to ask me about any one of my vids, then go ahead! What I meant by a particular clip or sequence, why I chose to highlight that characterization, why I chose that song, what crack I was taking and where you can get some...anything. Anything you might like to know about how I made a vid, I shall do my best to answer.
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