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19 October 2015 @ 01:37 pm
Dear 2015 Festividder  
Dear Festividder,

I keep a note on my phone and every time I think "oh, I wish this were a vid," I type it in and wait for festivids.

Request #1


One of my favorite television shows of all time. So much is under the surface and the characters are intensely compelling. I would adore a vid about any aspect or character or storyline, even ones I disliked, so go wild. I would love to have a vid for Martha Bullock or Jane though. Other character studies of women would be most welcome as well, like Miss Isringhausen or Jewel or anyone else. Who can resist the talents of Anna Gunn and Robin Weigert?

I have a "Women of Deadwood" vid playlist that I pull up once in a while and watch. I always long for a Martha and a Jane vid to round out the ensemble.

1. Trixie in [personal profile] charmax's Bloody Mother
2. Joanie in [personal profile] kiki_miserychic's Special Death
3. Alma [personal profile] sdwolfpup's Woman King

Request #2

Bob's Burgers

I absolutely love and adore so much about Bob's Burgers. I'd love a vid for any character or an ensemble. Literally anything and I'd die happy. An interesting idea I had would be using one of the songs from the recent musical episode and doing a Die Hard and Working Girl crossover vid to the show's song, "Work Hard or Die Trying Girl." It only makes sense if you watched the show. And I'm not even sure that the full song would be available for vidding, but it'd be so fun. Again, I'd love any Bob's Burgers vid because it is the show of my heart. I'm not going to try and sell people on the show because you can Google all the articles that explain the awesomeness.

Louise is me.

Request #3

Kumail Nanjiani's The X-Files Files

Kumail hosts the weekly podcast that dicusses episodes of The X-Files in a rewatching framework. Kumail and a guest reminiscence about one or two episodes per podcast episode. The genuine enthusiasm is so incredible and refreshing. I listen to the podcast episodes and rewatch the tv episode more than once. It's funny and sincere and nostalgic and lovely. There's a lot of fannish discussion and vidding is even mentioned.

For vidding purposes a part of the podcast could be visually represented, like video to match up with the audio and illustrate it. The cross section of people who vid and people who listen to the podcast are slim. And of those people there are even fewer who would consider vidding it, but it is close to my heart and I LOVE it, which is exactly what festivids is for.

Request #4

The Great British Bake Off

It's a reality baking show where the bakers attempt 3 challenges, but it's so much more than that. If aliens landed and asked us to prove why humans should be allowed to live, we should give them this show. It forgoes the usual formulas of reality television in that there's no archetypes created, like villains, and everyone seems to be genuinely nice, helping each other in challenges when they have extra time. When the bakers all sit in front of their oven to watch their creations with such hopefulness, that's humanity at it's most optimist. I love all the bakers and all the judges and all the presenters. Super Kins in magic.

Request #5

Robot Chicken

My favorite bit on Robot Chicken is Bitch Puddin' because she is the greatest character ever created. I only want a Bitch Puddin' vid, not one for the whole show, which actually makes it easier because she's only in 8 episodes and only for 2 or 3 minutes: 5x01 Saving Private Gigli, 5x07 Schindler's Bucket List, 5x20 Fight Club Paradise, 7x06 El Skeletorito, 7x16 Bitch Pudding Special, 8X06 Zero Vegetables, and 8x08 Joel Hurwitz.

Ohhhh, she's foul-mouthed, swears as much as I do, is extremely offensive, and is voiced by Katee Sackhoff.

Request #6


I've always wanted a Damages vid using Electric Guest's Head That I Hold. I see it focusing on Patty and Ellen, of course, over the seasons.

Request #7

Byzantium (safety)

I am oddly in love with this somewhat subversive little vampire movie. There's good and awful parts, of course, but I throughly enjoyed what they were trying to do even though it was telling and not showing a feminist vampire movie.

The first time I watched it I wasn't paying much attention, but I thought Eleanor and Clara were femslash-y as hell. Partway through I realized their relationship wasn't a hundreds of years old vampire ladies in a weird relationship kind where they pretended to be sisters, but they were actually mother and daughter. Ooops, too late, I already did the femslash-ing and it won't go away and their relationship is codependent AF anyway.

Clara is my favorite, of course. And I'm in love with the idea of Lera Lynn's My Least Favorite Life as Clara's POV about Eleanor. If you've seen the movie and listen to song, it totally works.

Request #8

Imagine Me & You (safety)

Most vids for this movie are focused on Rachel, which makes sense because the movie is mainly about her questioning her sexuality. I'd love a vid that focuses on Luce. For many reasons but mainly because I think there are more stories to tell than people questioning their sexuality and coming out. There's also Luce's character. Basically, Lena Headey's face.

As far as music, I can listen to anything for a vid. I do mean anything. Give me your progressive hip-hop, give me symphony covers, give me spoken word. I will buy what you are selling. I'm really into atypical audio uses right now. so I'd really love a vid that uses a poem reading or spoken word. Musically I'm into Nicki Minaj, Santigold, Angel Haze, and Halsey (but maybe not Control, Gasoline, Colors, and Hold Me Down because I've already seen loads of vids for those) right now.

Thank you. You are too precious for this world.
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