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Beyoncé Playlist - WisCon_VidParty 2015

Curated for WisCon (wiscon_vidparty) 2015, "Beyoncé" - Collection of vids with music from Beyoncé.

Beyoncé is a singer and singwriter with work that contain themes ranging from love, empowerment, and female sexuality. With a focus of feminist science fiction in mind, I curated a list of vids with an emphasis on gender, race, class, and feminism.

1. anoel's Get Me Bodied (Fifth Element)
2. jetpack_monkey's Radio (Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'?)
3. elipie (featuring kuwdora)'s Run The World (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)
4. milly's Diva Swing (Wrestling / RPF AJ Lee)
5. sweetestdrain's Love on Top (Carrie)
6. kiki_miserychic's ***Flawless (Disney Princesses)

Links to previous WisCon Playlists I've curated:
Dessa Playlist - WisCon 2014 (Collection of vids with music from Dessa)
Thank Heaven for Little Girls Playlist - WisCon 2013 (Collection of vids about little girls: their protectors, their victims, their worlds, their families, their missions, their deaths...)

Please, if you have links to other vids of Beyoncé's music, leave links in the comments. Thank you.
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