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vid - Special Death - Deadwood

vid title: Special Death
music: Mirah's "Special Death"
source: Deadwood
duration: 2:33
summary: Miss Joanie Stubbs
notes: Made for 2008 VVC Non-Attending Premieres
warning: Nudity and violence

download: BAM vid vault and sendspace

A terrible mistake was made
The weight would break the backs
Of ten strong horses tried to save
The castle in the fray
If you knew that I could take the pain
Inflicted at the battle
With faithful arrows you
Might get back in the saddle
But it's a special death you saved
For me, the brown-eyed daughter
Once you made it hotter
The thankless, holy praise
Is left alone. Why bother
To cast a stone in water?

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Tags: [vid], tee vee: deadwood

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